1. Google I/O 2014 - Polymer and Web Components change everything you know about Web development

    Web components are a game changer. Unlike other new features, the technologies are purely about developer productivity, solving many of web development’s shortcomings. Polymer and web components change how we think about, design, and compose web applications. Learn how the Web Components revolution makes you more productive and reduces the cognitive load of being a web developer.

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    Lay The Foundation

    When your house is sinking into the ground, you don’t polish the windows — you fix the foundations. The same goes for your website. If it’s hosted on a sluggish server or has a bloated theme, quick fixes won’t help. You’ll need to fix the foundation.

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  7. juliencoppola:

Moon #moon #mirror #logo #identity #branding #letters #typography #stamp #shape #dribbble #2013 by logothorns http://ift.tt/JekCR6


    Moon #moon #mirror #logo #identity #branding #letters #typography #stamp #shape #dribbble #2013 by logothorns http://ift.tt/JekCR6

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